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Welcome to the launch of my new website and my very first blog post! I'm Preethi Sharath and I am super excited to share with you what Info Rickshaw has to offer! The number of ideas, thoughts, news, information, and inspirations booming around the world is ready to jump out in this space. I wanted to begin by telling you why I started this blog and what you can expect more of in my posts. 

Why I set up my blog 

I entered the writing field accidentally and for a few months I was not aware of what I was doing and until a few months ago I didn't know what a blog was?! Honestly, I never checked into any blog links, I never know why people wrote blogs. I WAS WRONG. After much research and study, a thought just whirled in my mind that why don't I start my blog and pen down my thoughts.

What you will be seeing more of in this space

Informative, trending and educative topics are the three wheels of Info Rickshaw but be ready because this Rickshaw will make you travel around every area, that includes a mixture of lifestyle, fashion finds, Trending news column, Cinema, Travel, Health, Beauty, Food, Sports, Photography, Fashion! Everything delivered with hope and heart. 

Writing has never been an easy task for me and I will tell you, I have very little experience in this. I might be a "perfectionist" but I am nowhere near perfect. I clear it out this will be a lot of trial and error so please bear with me on any mistakes and feel free to share your thoughts and communicate with me along the journey! I hope to keep you engaged with trending news and I'm so looking forward to delivering you a much-organized way of living.

Thank You
Preethi Sharath

Five Tips To Turn Work From Home fruitful during Pandemic

Well, most of the organizations, schools and everything apart from the everyday essentials are under lockdown due to the Epidemic. Between many organizations have implemented work from home for their employees with a potential addition of a 21-day lockdown. As a result, most of them have intensified their work at home balancing household chores and office work in one hand!

Don't panic! This article gives you some handful of tips to ease working from home;

1. Think as if you are going to the office

Basically, working from home is exciting only once in a while, however here you will see the reality of working from home being struck upon us as a full-time task. 

That doesn't intend you to break the usual chain, the good part of working from home is you can take some extra nap as a result of a cutback in your commute. But on the other hand, it’s better to get up, get ready and set up the working space that avoids you from becoming a couch potato. So yeah, that does mean getting dressed just your top half for the sake of video calls. 

2. Say Okay to distractions

Remember you are at home so you will have to face infinite disturbances/distractions:

· Kids

· TV

· Social Media

· The Partner

· Doorbell

· Phone

Let's agree that some of the above-listed distractions can be avoided and some cannot, and these are a reality, but on the other side, they are not taking our full working day. Some companies have accepted the reality and said if kids are entering into your working space whilst you are on a video call, let them say hi!

However, this might not be the case in most of the companies in this situation. So, try as much as possible to educate your kid that what working from home means - but kids will be kids. 

With the above points try hard to not get stuck to Tv or social media, this isn't productive in any means, and you have to prove to your company that post lockdown you can be reliable to continue working from home if required. 

3. Set up a Healthy to-do list

Compose your day, you are your own manager when working from home so managing productivity is your responsibility. Don't forget to build your to-do list for the next day so that you get better clarity and you'll avoid wasting time in the morning. It's important to take a break so that you'll be able to focus and limit burnout. 

4. Arrange things essential for Home office

Don't forget that you are working from home and not from the office where you get everything available on your hand stretch, this is not the case when working from home; 

Here are basic must-have things when WFH; 

· A notepad with pen

· Laptop

· Water bottle

· Charging station

· Headphones and speaker

· Proper lighting

The final tip on this;

5. Include some time for exercise

....and some fresh air (if available), if you are the person who commutes daily then you may also use to a little cycling, walking, etc. So, try including a little of those into your daily routine where possible. It's okay to walk around a block, in your garden, inside your home or your local shops. Remember something is better than nothing!

If you are working from home and feeling isolated, don't forget to call your folks. I promise they are feeling the same!

- Preethi Sharath

Five tips that turn WFH fruitful during epidemic lockdown- Info Rickshaw
info rickshaw
Info Rickshaw

DALGONA COFFEE: Internet's Trending Fuzzy Quarantine drink

Locking ourselves indoors for weeks, peeking out the window, preparing the same old grilled cheese sandwich, pakoras, Gol Gappa- all these had passed the premier in-home activities till now. I, fortunately, feel lucky to be safe at home with no worries, but many of us do miss something. One amongst those is springtime clink of an appetizing, cold iced coffee, procured at an extravagant cafe!

Let's keep those talks off the table and do join me in introducing this latest, Insta-friendly Choco drink that saves many Cold-Coffee lovers. I'm sure many of you have come across a delightful picture of 'fluffy coffee' pop up on your social pages, yes of-course that's nothing but our internet sensation "DALGONA COFFEE".

Here are the ingredients needed to make Dalgona coffee (Single Serving):
1. Instant Coffee
2. Sugar
3. Hot Water
4. A hand mixer or a Whisker
5. Milk

Yes, that's it for sure.

First, pour in your instant coffee powder, sugar and hot water in equal proportions, say 1:1:1 into a bowl.

You can use a hand blender or you can also manually blend all the ingredients in a bowl. I suggest you guys not to use one spoon of each since you will end up with no liquid to whip up. So, it's better to use 2:2:2 proportion.

This proportion works the best for a single serving also look upon adding sugar as per your tastes.

Now fill a glass with ice, pour in the milk and top it with the fluffy coffee latte gently upon the milk.

Once you finish the procedure, you are now legally obligated to take millions of photos in every possible angle, which you will and you must upload to the internet.

Jokes apart! Stir before you drink, to avoid drinking a cup of iced milk followed by sugar coffee.

Congratulations people on becoming a chef, professional photographer and a respected member of the internet!

- Preethi Sharath

Info Rickshaw

Constructive Changes in Nature Noticed Amid the Lock-down

While almost everything is under locked, nature could be the only legatee making time to heal itself. Everyone is facing the criticality of the novel coronavirus outbreak, say it from closing shopping malls, canceled events, no online shopping, no vacations, and much more in line. But did you know? Maybe the mother earth needed this break from us to reclaim its space.

While humans are lost in finding the vaccine for the pandemic, the virus started curing earth in its way which could leave us to spellbound. 

The air in China and Italy are now clean and clear than way before and the pollution levels have gradually come down since all of us are self-isolated at home. The Grand Canal of Venice, which is always filled with boats is now running clear. Seattle Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and Chicago are now up with no fog of pollution. Guess what? the global carbon emission has fallen down drastically. 

In India, Sambar deer was spotted taking a stroll in Chandigarh. A Malabar civet was found crossing the road in Kozhikode, a Nilgaiwas seen near the popular GIP Mall in Noida. 

Dolphins off Malabar Hill & Marine Drive is back to Mumbai coast, also the Olive Ridley turtles mass found nesting in Odisha. 

Nearly after many years, Olive Ridley sea turtles have started nesting and we could spot dolphins regularly, ain't this setting an example of the success of nature in reclaiming its space in the ecosystem. The number of Dolphin and Olive Ridley began to deplete just because of increasing plastic waste dumped into the sea. 

Nature might be finally feeling alive by the 21 days lockdown that kept humans indoors and not hindering its regeneration. Meanwhile, the lockdown has given a chance to wildlife to take a trip around the otherwise busy cities. 

Now it's up to us

Have you ever thought of such a situation? Despite such scary situation where humans are locked inside, nature is inhaling the fresh breeze and blooming. 

Now we have enough time with us, appreciate nature at least now and let's learn the lesson of "Co-existence". 

Thanks for Reading 



"The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away!"

While we're forced to take a break and reduce our impact on nature, the environment has been able to reclaim its space.

Explore the World Sitting At your Comfy Couch!!


As the COVID-19 outbreak is taking over the world, it is necessary to practice social distancing to contain the spread of the deadly virus. Locking ourselves inside the home can keep us safe, but on the other hand, self-isolation can harm your mental health. 

Keeping your mind occupied and engaging plays a vital role in such situations. So here we came up with some amazing ways to keep you engaged and come out of the dread while working from home!

Following is the list of virtual tours that make you explore the amazing places sitting at your comfy couch.

1. Visit a Museum and Gain Some Knowledge  This could be big news for museum lovers who love to explore a collection of artifacts and many other objects of artistic, historical, cultural or scientific importance. Google Arts and Culture have collaborated with nearly 2500 galleries and museums all over the world to bring virtual tours of their places.
Click here:

2. Travel Over The Great Wall Of China Traveling abroad is a nightmare for a few months at least. This may be a big disappointment for wanderlust chasers, but you can still have a chance to visit some famous tourist places like the Great Wall of China virtually. If you enjoy the place virtually, you'll be motivated to explore the place once everything gets back to normal. At this moment, just save your money and enjoy one amongst the wonders of the world sitting at your couch.
Click Here:

3. Explore America's Beautiful National ParksAnxiety is a big problem in most people and the best way to fight that is by spending quality time with nature. While Hiking makes you burn some calories along with exploring the best outdoors. American National Parks have considered some of the gorgeous national parks in the world, and now you can enjoy serene nature through a virtual visit, but no physical exercise.
Yosemite National Park -
Yellowstone National Park -

4. Take a Trip to Mars! We know the intergalactic tourism might still be some decades away, but you can still travel to mars through virtual option. SpaceX considered selling deep orbit rides last month. But for now, you can see Mars on your laptop and I'm sure it's not a bad start! NASA has collaborated with Google to provide a trip to a 3D replica of the Martian surface video recorded by the Curiosity rover. Don't you think this a great opportunity to spend your time indoor?
Click Here:

We hope all these virtual tours can turn your quarantine into a fun time while you can learn and explore places together. So, whenever you feel bored or low, check out one of these trips. Believe me, once you start, you'll want to visit them all!

- Preethi Sharath

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